2017 Honda Jade Redesign

The 2017 Honda Jade Redesign is a vehicle for the 21st century. It is elegant in performance as well as its looks. Having the performance power to do amicably and yet being environmentally conscious. The 2017 Honda Jade Redesign release date is not yet known but it is expected to roll out later this year and into early next year. The model of car has a price point that is surprisingly compact as its design and is an especially good starting point for a first time, environmentally conscious buyer.

The caravan compact design is beautiful in its simplicity and attention to detail. The vehicle has a gradual front profile that lifts off gradually to minimalist back. The vehicle height is around a 1.5 meter making it around 60 inches or 5 foot tall. The vehicle surface is designed with contours and edges that adds a certain sophistication. There is clearly much attention to detail and the look of the vehicle on its own is an experience for the eyes. The windows and headlights also has designs that fit neatly into and accentuate the design. This keeps consistent with the theme of the design.

2017 Honda Jade Redesign

The interior design and use of space is excellent. The Honda Jade happens to be very spacious. In fact the vehicle is a six seater capable of carrying a large group of individuals. The vehicle seats have a warm looking cream leather coating. To top it off it also possess a wood varnished dashboard. There are black panel trims on the inside to offer the vehicle contrast. The vehicle is designed purposely to make the occupants feel like they are driving in class.

The 2017 Honda Jade Redesign comes in two variety the Hybrid and the VTEC model. The vehicle engine is a 147 horse power and 149 torque mid weight. The engine comes with a 1.8 L V-Tech four cylinder to provide its power. With an estimated 42 miles to the gallon it already out performs most other vehicles in its class. The Hybrid combines a 1.5 L engine with an electronic propulsion system and has a longer refuelling time than the sole VTECH.

2017 Honda Jade Redesing interior and price

The new Jade has rear and front suspension adjustments to change the driving experience to either a low profile or a more sturdy ride. The vehicle sits a top 17 inch wheels with enhanced control due to the Electrical control system. The system also monitors engine functions, help with regulating the torque and with turning.

When it comes to safety, the vehicle has many safety features that the IHS loves. It has Adaptive Cruise control, Collision Mitigation systems, Road Departure Mitigation, Lane Assist, and Low speed flow.

2017 Honda Jade Redesing Release date

The new Jade is being marketed as a Sports compact however it is easy to see the vehicle being used as a family compact. Honda did an excellent job with the vehicle, so much so, making it one of the most anticipated vehicle for the coming year. The vehicle is expected to cost around $16,000 meanwhile the perceived valuations range up to $23,000. This is squarely in the affordable price range. It provides a high quality cost for a low price-line. Definitely a car to get.


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